Now a days, gymnastic sports is so popular. Gymnastic is a very good sports and also a very good exercise. Gymnastic is a great sports for kids and all . Which is the performance of systematic exercises, with the employment of rings, bars, and with alternative equipment.

   The term athletics  was  derived from a Greek word sense “naked exercise”. Which was applied in ancient Balkan country to any or all exercises practiced in the gymnasium. Gymnasium the place wherever male athletes did so exercise in the raw.

gymnastic sports
gymnastic for kids

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       Gymnastic sports :

   By the record of gymnastic sports, the grandfather of recent athletics, Johann Christoph Friedrich Guts Muths (1759–1839) was a leading teacher at the Philanthropinist college in Schnepfenthal. In his seminal work, Gymnastic fur die Jugend (1793, athletics for Youth), Guts Muths visualized 2 main divisions of athletics.

  One is  natural athletics and therefore the other is artificial athletics. These 2 divisions is also thought of as utilitarian and nonutilitarian athletics.

 The previous disciplines emphasize the health of the body, similar to the exercises developed in Kingdom of Sweden and Kingdom of Denmark underneath Per Henrik Ling (1776–1839) and Neils Bukh (1880–1950).

  Fashionable cardiopulmonary exercise additionally falls into this class. Sports cardiopulmonary exercise has recently been supplemental to the disciplines sponsored by the International athletics Federation.

       Gymnastics sports for kids :

   Do you know that, what’s the reason why is important, gymnastic for kids? Our kids need physically and mentally growth. Sports or exercise can fulfill their necessary. Gymnastic is a very good exercise and also a good sports.

  Another a good plus point is that gymnastic is a indoor sports. Kids can easily doing this at home. So its proved that, gymnastic for kids is a very good exercise and a good sports.

       Olympic game of gymnastic :

  In 1896 Olympic Games marked the arrival of true international, open competition in athletics. The Games featured typical German (heavy apparatus) events and twine climbing.

  Athletics competitions weren’t standardized nor freed from track-and-field events until the 1928 Olympiad, once 5 of the six events presently command in Olympic athletics were contested  :

1)Pommel Horse



4)Parallel Bars and

5)Horizontal Bar.


           History of  gymnastic game Olympic :

   With each obligatory and ex gratia routines needed. Girls 1st competed within the Olympics in 1928 in events like those of the lads aside from the addition of the balance beam. Floor exercise events were supplemental in 1932.

  Within the Nineteen Seventies a significant amendment had occurred in women’s athletics as younger and younger girls began competitory in events.

  Russian athlete gymnast and therefore the Romanian Nadia Comaneci were each young teens throughout their Olympic triumphs.

  The presence of a preponderance of young  ladies in international athletics competition from the late Nineteen Seventies. And into the twenty first century was directly associated with the Korbut-Comaneci development. Several of the world’s greatest gymnasts have come back from Japanese Europe.

  Larisa Latynina of state, later the coach of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics team, is wide thought-about the greatest feminine athlete of all time.

  She was the comprehensive champion in 2 Olympiad (1956 and 1960) and 2 world championships (1958 and 1962). No alternative athlete has achieved this distinction.

gymnastic sports
gymnastic is a great sports for kids

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          Olympic athletics are sorted into totally different divisions are :


2)Rhythmic andki


  For men the inventive athletics events are :

1)Floor Exercise

2)Pommel Horse



5)Parallel Bars

6)Horizontal Bar and

7)Combined Exercises .

  Which mixes the variant the opposite six events. The combined exercises for men are contested each on a private and on a team basis.

  For ladies the inventive events are :

1)Floor Exercise

2)Vault Uneven Bars

3)Balance Beam and

4)Combined Exercises (both team and individual).

  Intoned cluster athletics was originally needed within the women’s inventive program but became a separate sport once it had been introduced internationally at associate invited competition in capital of Hungary, Hungary, in 1963.

  After that the FIG ( Federation anthem Gymnastic) scheduled  a world competition within the even-numbered years starting in 1964.  1st called fashionable intoned athletics, and later as intoned sport athletics.

  The discipline currently called intoned athletics became associate Olympic sport in 1984. This branch of athletics is practiced solely by girls.

gymnastic sports
great sports for kids

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  The events in intoned athletics are named for the hand equipment utilized by the athlete are :




4)Clubs and



  Medals are awarded at the Olympiad and world championships for :



3)All Around and

4)Individual Event Competition.


   sports cardiopulmonary exercise :

  Gymnastic apparatus and tumbling also are underneath the aegis of the FIG. Gymnastic apparatus debuted as a men’s and women’s event at the 2000 Olympic Games.

  Olympic competition is individual only. World championship gymnastic apparatus events additionally embody double mini-trampoline and synchronized gymnastic apparatus competition.

  Within the latter, 2 gymnasts perform identical routine on 2 trampolines placed aspect by aspect. The final discipline sanctioned by the FIG is sports cardiopulmonary exercise.

  Cardiopulmonary exercise has been a preferred sort of physical coaching for the general public since the mid-1970 s.

  The extremely competitive sports version of cardiopulmonary exercise options routines of but 2 minutes’ length performed by individual men, mixed pairs, individual girls, and trios.

  The sport was 1st found within the program of general athletics within the late Nineteen Eighties. In 1994 the FIG congress set to arrange the globe Aerobic Championships. And to structure sports cardiopulmonary exercise equally to its alternative competitive disciplines.

  The primary official world championships were command in 1995 in Paris with thirty four countries participating.

  In 1997 the International World Games Association enclosed sports cardiopulmonary exercise in the fifth World Games. Sports acrobatics and sports cardiopulmonary exercise haven’t nevertheless earned Olympic standing. 


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