Olympic Games are not the same as others. The largest sporting event in the world is used to introduce small variations in each edition that serve to open the doors of Olympus to a good handful of athletes. In this Olympics 2020, the organization added 5 new sports in  2020 olympics sports list.

2020 olympics sports list

summer olympic sports list

mascot Olympic 2020

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            2020 olympics sports list :

   Olympic sports can change at each appointment depending on whether or not they meet the requirements for it. And also taking into account the most followed in the organizing country. With the countdown already underway for Tokyo 2020.

   In this post, you can find a short brief of new Olympic 2020 sports list, what will be in the Japan 2020, and a full list of new Olympics sports for 2020. Since it has been confirmed that there will be some who were not in Rio 2016.

   Although at first they were going to retire the rugby 7, the golf and the fight. Finally they have decided to stay, at least for one more edition. These and all the details below will have hundreds of athletes looking for the medal that will make them Olympic champions.

             Olympics sports 2020 :

2020 olympics sports list

summer olympic sports list

Tokyo tower for Olympic 2020

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    On August 1st and 2nd will be two other highlights of the program, bringing together a large part of the finals of Olympic competitions. On 1st August, there will be held 21 events with medal.

   Including some that are part of the Olympic program for the first time judo competition for mixed teams or triathlon with mixed relays. And that will turn these Games into those “with the greatest participation of women in history,” the organizers said in a statement.

   On 2nd August there will be another 26 events with medal. Including the men’s gymnastics finals and the men’s tennis tournament or the men’s 100 m freestyle podium race. Which, like other athletics events, will take place at the new Olympic Stadium in Tokyo. And this is the main venue for the Olympic Games. 

    During the 2nd and last week of the next Summer Games, 171 more gold medals will be distributed. Including some new ones in the Olympic program such as karate or scale da deportiva.

               New  Summer Olympics sports :

    The organization has developed this calendar according to the criteria of technical rules, regulations of international federations, gender balance, experience and welfare of athletes, popularity of sports in Japan, international audiences and logistical issues.

     After the IOC decided to “freeze” the preparation of the Olympic tournament to the it hopes that the international federation (AIBA) will solve its irregularities. The Games that will host the Japanese capital between on July 24th and August 9th of 2020.

   The male marathon of the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020 will begin at 6 o’clock in the morning of August 9th (according to the schedule by the organizing committee). The races to decide the medals in this discipline will take place on August 2nd and 9th, in the respective feminine and masculine categories.

   In the early morning to mitigate the high temperatures that are expected in summer in the Japanese capital on the recommendation of a committee of medical experts appointed by the IOC. 

   After the opening ceremony, which will take place on July 24th at 20.00, the first medal event will be held the next day. The shot with a female rifle from 10 meters, while on August 8th. One day before the closing ceremony, there will be up to 30 finals of events with a medal.

2020 olympics sports list
stadium for Olympic Tokyo 2020

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                 5 new Olympics sports for Tokyo 2020 :

  A few days before starting Rio 2016, it was confirmed that there would be 5 new Olympic sports in the Tokyo 2020 program. List of new Olympic sports are given at the last of this post.

The organization decided to add more sports in Olympic 2022. As a result the   list of new Olympic sports become rich with various sport. Thus, there will be softball (female version of baseball), karate, skateboarding, climbing and surfing. What will involve the inclusion of these five new disciplines.

                New Olympic events :

           (1) Softball(female version of baseball)

  Regarding the impact per modality, baseball will have a tournament of 6 teams of 24 men each (total 144 athletes) and softball, with another of 6 squads of 15 women (total 90 athletes). This sport takes the largest share of participants, with 234 athletes.

In addition, it is the only one of the five that repeats the Olympic scene, since baseball was included in the program from 1992 to 2008. Softball was added in 1996, but it was also excluded in the Olympic Games of Beijing.

          (2) Karate

  Olympic add karate in there list. In karate Tokyo 2020,  a female (10) and a male (10) kata (series of movements) and 3 pesos by sex in kumite (combat) will be carried out, to make a total of 80 athletes.

         (3) Skateboarding

   The skateboard enters with a competition for 6 in street mode (20 men and 20 women) and another 2 in closed park which with the same number of athletes as in the other side.

            (4) Climbing

    The sport climbing will add another 20 men and 20 women in the combined tests of bouldering (lateral climbing on walls or rocks up to 8 meters high), speed and opening of tracks.

               (5) Surfing

    Surfing will turn 20 other competitors of each sex into Olympians thanks to the short board test.
    The arrival of these 5 new disciplines will mean an injection of more talent. And therefore, of great athletes who will fight to hang their medals. Thus, the admission of this new block will bring the incorporation to the Games of 18 medal events and 474 more competitors.

In addition, the quota of athletes will not be to the detriment of other modalities. None of which will lose participants to make room for those who arrive.

new summer Olympic sports

summer olympic sports list

Doha stadium, Tokyo, Japan.

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                    Tokyo 2020 Olympic sports list :

            (1) Athletics
            (2) Badminton
            (3) Basketball
            (4) Handball
            (5) Baseball (Softball)
            (6) Boxing
            (7) Cycling (BMX, Mountain Biking, Track Cycling, Road Cycling)
            (8) Swimming
            (9) Synchronized Swimming
            (10) Jumps
            (11) Water Polo
            (12) Horse riding (Complete Contest, Dressage, Equestrian Jump)
            (13) Climbing
            (14) Fencing
            (15) Football
            (16) Gymnastics (Artistic, Acrobatic, Rhythmic)
            (17) Golf
            (18) Weightlifting
            (19) Grass Hockey
            (20) Judo
            (21) Karate
            (22) Fight (Greco-Roman, Free Style)
            (23) Canoeing (Slalom, Calm Waters)
            (24) Modern Pentathlon
            (25) Rowing
            (26) Rugby 7
            (27) Skateboarding
            (28) Surfing
            (29) Taekwondo
            (30) Tennis
            (31) Table Tennis
            (32) Archery
            (33) Olympic Shot
            (34) Triathlon
            (35) Candle
            (36) Volleyball (Court, Beach)


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