Cricket is one of most popular sports in the world. There is a bundle of rules of cricket were designed for the game by (ICC).  If you want to know,  how to play cricket? Then you need to know the rules of cricket game. These cricket xyz  rules are same for every men and women players.

Cricket is a sport that needs physical activity with bat, bowl, and a large field. 2 teams of 11 players, each play at only 1 time.

how to play cricket

Rules of cricket game

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     How to play cricket :

   To play cricket game, first, we need some equipment. Then captains of every teams and match referee gathering for toss. The toss winning captain is allowed to select for batting or field first. This methodology is same across all formats.

   The fielding restrictions and dress code vary by format.  It’s necessary for players to wear all white for a match game, and colored tees and trousers for ODI and T20.

   The Cricket is very popular, with many fans going to watch their native and national teams, the craze is growing up. With sort of large tournaments similar to the Ashes, IPL League and thus the grandparent of all of them, the (ICC) tourney Cricket 2019.

   The game of cricket is extraordinarily trendy, and thus the vary of cricket sporting fans who place bets on their national and native teams is also growing up.  

     What are the rules of cricket :

   Although there are many more rules in cricket game than in many other sports in sports world. It’s well value a while learning them as a result of it should be a most rewarding sports.

   If you join a Cricket Club then club Cricket Rules will help you learn the basics of cricket and begin to fancy one among the foremost trendy sports within the world.

   Umpires have a key role at within the sport as they monitor the proceedings the game. They decide whether or not or not the batter is out, choose for no-ball, wide, and guarantee every teams square measure participating in to keep with the principles.

   Umpires are responsible for command of making important decisions and notifying the scorers of these choices. 2 umpires are in stand on the playing field while there is also a extra umpires, which called 3rd umpire, who is in charge of video decisions.

   This can be often where the choice is just too shut for the on field umpires which they refer it to the third umpire, he who reviews film video replays to create a decision.

how to play cricket

Bangladesh Cricket Team, Royal Bangle Tiger

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       Basic rules of cricket game :

   By researching cricket history we found that, there are many variety of cricket match. But the ‘Test Cricket’ is a traditional form of cricket in cricket world. There are other formats of the sport, like 50 over matches, T20 Cricket etc, Which also called one-day match (ODI), where the rules differ slightly. First we discus about one-day cricket game rules.

   The Cricket is played with a bat and ball on an extra large field, referred to as a ground, between 2 teams of 11 players in each team. In every match a reserve player called ‘twelfth man’ who is used for a replacement of a player if needed on cause of injury. 

   The twelfth man isn’t allowed to bowl, bat, wicket keep or captain the team. His sole duty is to act as a substitute fielder in the match. The issue of the game is to realize runs once at bat and to put out, or dismiss.

   A combine of batsmen from the batting-side and eleven players from the fielding-side take positions. Two umpires together be a region of them on the arena. One stands at the pitch and thus the various on leg-side.

       Learn to play cricket :

   Suppose, a limited over cricket match is playing by teams ‘X’ and ‘Y’. Captain of ‘A’ wins the toss and elects to bat first. The game starts with bowler from ‘Y’ team bowling to the first batter of ‘X’ team.

   They’re typically noted as opening-bowler and opening-batsman. The first two batsmen are noted as openers as they start the innings of their team. The batsmen hits the balls bowled at them and score runs.

   Fielders attempt to stop the balls that were hit and even catch them to urge the batsmen out. each bowler bowls cardinal legal deliveries to call it associate degree over. The bowling and batting ends modification once every over. The non-striker at the tip of every over becomes the striker of following over.

   The wicket-keeper must change ends after completion of each over on the game. In general, the keeper stands aloof from stumps once a fast bowler is bowling and nearer to stumps once a spinner is in action.

how to play cricket
Shane Warne bowling

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More about bat and ball sports :

   Once when a batsman is out, he must leave the field and a new batsman must comes to the crease. An innings is dick-lard as complete if all the batsmen of ‘X’ team’s are out or ‘Y’ team’s has bowled their full quota of overs in the times of play.

   Now, team ‘Y’ comes on to bat at intervals the second innings to chase the target set by team ‘X’. Team ‘Y’ is accorded as winners if they attain the target else, ‘X’ is victorious. If the scores are level at the tip of match, then it’s noted as a tie.

   All the runs scored with bat, further runs like no-ball, wide, etc which called “Extra Run”, are added to each team’s total. In some instances, on-field umpires are aware of it strong to supply few selections like boundaries, out, no-ball, etc.

   Therefore, they kindle facilitate of another umpire, noted as third-umpire. The third-umpire look at video visuals and offers a judgement, what is full and final decision for the match.

    Last talk about how to play cricket :

   Cricket is acceptable for boys and girls to participate in from an early age. Children from the age of 5 years recent can begin to search out out cricket by collaborating among a sports program.

   Cricket is also a non athletics but, for older children it’s contend with a troublesome ball. Thus the applicable protective wear ought to be worn to substantiate the protection of the children.

   Cricket is also an honest means for teenagers to search out resolute figure on in a passing team atmosphere whereas developing very important physical and mental skills.

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