Sports have a lots of benefits. Importance of sports for kids is can’t be ignore. It can improve physically and mentally health of our kids. There are many benefits of physical exercise. Sports is necessary for our kids.

   There is no specific age at which children should start practicing a sport. Everything will depend on the motor ability and coordination that the child has.

   However, it is advisable, in the case of very young children, to first take psychometric classes, recommended after 2 years, to begin to develop their motor skills.

Importance of sports for kids
Importance of sports for kids

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      Importance of sports for kids :

   Sports helps children develop both physically and mentally. Physical activity should be part of your day to day, since the benefits are multiple.

   It helps them in psycho-motor development and to relate, teaches them to follow some rules, to work as a team, to recognize the importance of personal effort and to set goals .

   You can always find the time to practice it, either in extracurricular activities, in the school yard or on weekends. In addition, it can be a good time to share time with dad and mom or with friends, if it is within school hours.

     Sports for kids :

   We must let the child choose the sport that he likes. It is normal that sometimes they are influenced by their friends or some sportsman that comes out in the media. Parents can help guide them, taking into account some variables.

   The child’s preferences, character, age, physical fitness, schedules, etc. But always letting it be the child who finally chooses among the possibilities that it has. It is necessary to take into account the preferences of the child, the character, the age and the physical aptitude.

   You have to take into account what will be better for the child, whether an individual sport or a team sport. A shy child, for example, can benefit from a team sport that helps him relate to his peers. On the contrary, a very active child can benefit from an individual sport that helps him to concentrate.

   It is also important to keep in mind that children need time to develop certain skills. In this case, the competition can exert too much pressure on them. Therefore, we must prioritize the fun in front of the demand.

Importance of sports for kids
Importance of sports for our kids

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     Physical Exercise Benefits :

A)  Burns calories instead of storing them as fat in the body. It helps maintain a healthy weight and reduces the risk of overweight or obesity.

B)  It keeps blood sugar levels more balanced, within normal limits. This is even more important for those who have diabetes or are at risk for it.

C)  Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

D)  Strengthens bones and muscles, and increases strength and endurance.

E)  Relieves stress and improves sleep and mental health. Helps to fight possible crisis of anxiety or depression.

F)  Increase self-esteem It gives security regarding the body and its appearance.

G)  Raises the ability to concentrate and school performance.

H)  It is socializing, favors companionship and reduces aggression.

      Sports motivation :

   In sport, motivation is fundamental because it determines, to a large extent, the attitude of the child, the relationship between team members, the way of practicing the sport and the results obtained.

   It will be fundamental the behavior of the parents and the coach to help the child to be motivated, since they are the people who can most influence him in this field.

   Sport brings many benefits for health and quality of life, not only in the physical. Help forget worries and relate to other kids your age.

   Nowadays, the number of children and adolescents who are overweight or obese is much greater than before. Regular exercise helps prevent the serious health problems that are associated with being overweight or obese.


Importance of sports for kids
importance of sports for our children

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       Little health advice for you :

   You need at least 50-60 minutes of exercise per day. It is not necessary to do it all at once. It can be achieved throughout the day, in shorter activity times.

   If you have not played sports for a long time, the first days will be the hardest, but little by little you will feel better and more and more happy when you see how your fitness improves.

   If you have a chronic illness or previous injury (asthma, heart, kidneys, etc.), we advise you to consult your pediatrician or doctor. It will tell you about which sports are most recommended in your case.

      Last about importance of sports for kids :

   Importance of sports for kids is so much. Its help them to improve, both of there physically and mentally health. So every kids needs play sports for them. And we have to understand that.

   In general, the children of sedentary parents are sedentary. And, it is that, the sport habit has to be built day by day with the participation of the whole family.

   Before the child begins to practice and train in any discipline, it is necessary to verify that he has all the vaccines that are needed to avoid the contagion of certain diseases and obtain a medical certificate of fitness to perform that sport.


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