Basketball is a rough and hard sport, although it is officially a non-contact game. After brainstorming some new ideas, Dr. James Naismith developed basketball’s rule. He created the rules of basketball for beginner to play basketball game. He create thirteen rules  for play the game.

the rules of basketball
high school basketball competition

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        The rules of basketball :

   In this article we discuss about the rules of basketball for beginner. Basketball is a game, which was started with 18 men in a gymnasium (YMCA), in Spring-field, Massachusetts. Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. Now which is play by more than 300 million people in worldwide.

    Dr. James Naismith was the man who created this instantly successful sport “Basketball”, in December 1891. Dr. James Naismith was a physician clergyman,  and educator from Canada. For create this game, James Naismith use the element of soccer, American football, and hockey. And make the 13 rules of basketball for beginner to play the game.

  At first This new indoor game was played with a soccer ball and peach baskets. And also with nine players in each team. By the history of basketball, 1st contest is believed to have been played on 21st December in 1891.

    How to play basketball :

   In the game, a player may pass the ball to a position whereby he or a teammate may try for a basket. A foul is committed whenever a player makes such contact with an opponent as to put him at a disadvantage.

  For the 2001–2002 season the NBA approved a rule change that eliminated touch fouls, meaning brief contact initiated by a defensive player is allowable if it does not impede the progress of the offensive player.

  If a player is fouled while shooting and the shot is good, the basket counts and he is awarded one free throw, if the shot misses, he gets a second free throw. If a foul is committed against a player who is not shooting, then his team is awarded either the possession of the ball or a free throw if the other team is in a penalty situation.

the rules of basketball
High school basketball

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    Basketball rules, Basketball xyz :

  A team is in a penalty situation when it has been called for a set number of fouls in one period. In college basketball, penalty free throws are ‘one-and-one’ in nature, until the opposing team commits a 10th foul in a half, creating a ‘double bonus’ situation where all fouls automatically result in two free throws.

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  A pare of penalty free throws are right away attained once groups enter the penalty state of affairs in each the NBA and international play. Infractions such as unsportsmanlike conduct or grasping the rim are technical fouls, which award to the opposition a free throw and possession of the ball.

  Overly violent fouls are called flagrant fouls and also result in free throws and possession for the opposition. Players are allowed a set number of personal fouls per game and are removed from the game when the foul limit is reached.

    Common infractions occur when a player with the ball :

               A) Takes an excessive number of steps or slides.

               B) Fails to advance the ball within five seconds while being closely guarded

               C)  Causes the ball to go out-of-bounds.

               D) Steps over the foul line while shooting a free throw.

               E) Steps over the end line or sideline while tossing the ball in to a teammate.

               F) Fails to pass the ball in within five seconds.

               G) Runs with, kicks, or strikes the ball with his fist.

                H) Dribbles a second time after having once concluded his dribble.

                I) Remains more than three seconds in his free throw lane while he or his team has the ball.

                J) Causes the ball to go into the back-court.

                K) Retains the ball in the back-court more than 10 seconds(changed in the NBA to 8 seconds for 2001–02).

                L) Fails to shoot within the time allotted by the shot clock.


the rules of basketball
A player pushing opponent player

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      13th rules of basketball for beginner :

                  1)The players can throw the ball in any direction with his both hands or with single hand.

                  2) Ball can be batted on every direction by the players both hands or single hand, and also not be with the fist.

                  3) By the rules, players can’t move with the ball, he should be must throw the ball, from the place on where he catches it.

                  4) The playing-ball also must be held in or between the hands of players, and any hands or any parts of body cannot be used for holding the ball.

                  5) Players should not be allowed for holding, striking, shouldering, tripping or pushing an opponent players.

                  6) A foul is striking the ball with the fist.

                  7)  If a side makes three consecutive fouls, it counts as a goal for the opponents.

                  8) For made a goal, the ball must be thrown or batted from playground to into the basket and the ball must be have to stay there in the basket.

                  9) If the ball goes out from playing-court, it shall be thrown into the playing-court, and played by the players who touching the ball first.

                    Last other rules :

                  10) The umpire of the game, shall be the judge of the men. He shall note the fouls of the players and notify the referee when three major fouls have been created.

                   11) The referee of the game, shall be the judge of the ball in the match. He can decide for the ball when it’s running play in bounds, to which team it belongs, and he also maintain the time of sports.

                   12) The time of the game shall be twice of fifteen minutes halves with a single times of five-minute rest between.

                   13) The team who scoring the big, that means who scoring most goals in time, he declared the winner of the game.

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