Kabaddi is an ancient game. The history of the Kabaddi game proves that the game is much older. There is an ancient record of playing kabaddi. The kabaddi game originated from India.

kabaddi game

Kabaddi international match.

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     Kabaddi sport :

Kabaddi has been a part of the Indian lifestyles on the grounds that the historic times. Because it’s been mentioned in Mahabharata alongside with some different sports.

It is during Kabaddi that an Asura sent with the help of Kamsa tries to kill Krishna. And Balarama and eventually receives killed by Balarama.

Another occasion within the Mahabharata which illustrates that Kabaddi although it sounds a touch far fetched.

   History of kabaddi game:

Kabaddi is originated in India. To be specific its concept as a sporting event could also be traced back to Tamil Nadu. Where organization hunting and village defense strategies gave start to the primary shape of this sport.

The game was additionally developed in the north of India as well. Of which Punjab was the most prominent region.

An organized version of Kabaddi became first performed in Maharashtra. Its among 1950-1920 standardized regulations were also formulated for the game .

Even although variations are introduced within the game. The high objective of the game remained unaltered.

    Mahabharata and Kabaddi game :

The ancient Indian epic Mahabharata describes the war between the Pandavas and therefore the Cauravas. And the way Abhimanyu managed to penetrate the Cauravas seven tiered protection.

But died due to the fact he did not know the way out. Legend has it that as an unborn child in his mother’s womb, Abhimanyu learned the secret knowledge.

He learned the knowledge of entering the deadly and virtually impenetrable seven tiered defense called Chakravyuha.

    Chakravyuha in Kabaddi :

It is said that Shri Krishna gave various teachings to Abhimanyu’s father Arjun. Shri Krishna taught Arjun the method of invasion and escape from the formation of the Navy.

In mother Subhadra Devi’s womb, Abhimanyu is stated to possess absorbed all the words of wisdom from Krishna.

Subhadra Devi decided to retire when Krishna become explaining the technique  of escaping from the Chakravyuha. Thus Abhimanyu in no way got the hazard to review on the way to escape the Chakravyuha.

Helped by Kauravas, on Kurukshetra,  Abhimanyu became referred to as upon to interrupt thru the Chakravyuha .

The sixteen year antique gallantly(Abhimanyu) broke through the formation. But after a fierce conflict to urge out become killed by using his enemies.

    Kabaddi the game like war :

It is said that the sport of kabaddi become created in remembrance of Abhimanyu who was the great Warrior.

If you look intently at a kabaddi match, what you see? You can see the seven defensive gamer forming a semicircle to entrap the lone raider. What is almost like how the Cauravas trapped Abhimanyu.

Just like during a war, it’s believed that Kabaddi become invented to extend a shielding responses. Which by using a private towards organization assaults. And organization’s responses to an man or woman attack.

This is the foremost effective combative game. During which offence is a private attempt whereas protection may be a set attempt. History reveals that kabaddi was played by way of princes’ of the beyond to display their strength.

kabaddi game

Kabaddi Game

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    Kabaddi in several nations :

Kabaddi is a popular game in several nations. Bangladesh and Nepal play Kabaddi as their national game.

And in Indian states like Tamil Nadu , Maharashtra, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh , Telangana and Punjab it’s miles performed at a rustic level.

The sport has two predominant bureaucracy, worldwide and Indian. Even albeit the policies for both best vary slightly. The Indian one has diverse styles.

The recreation is usually called ha-du-du in Bangladesh, baibalaa in Maldives. It’s also called, chedugudu in Andhra Pradesh , sadugugu in Tamil Nadu and hututu in Maharashtra.

    International Kabaddi match :

Kabaddi first got worldwide exposure at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. It became additionally added on the Indian National Games held in Calcutta in 1938.

The All India Kabaddi Federation (AIKF) was created in 1950 which gave the game nationwide recognition. Later, it had been reorganized as Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India (AKFI) in 1973.

In 1979, Kabaddi was popularized in Japan by Sundar Ram of India. He who was touring the country for two months on behalf of Asian Amateur Kabaddi Federation.

In 2004, the International Kabaddi Federation (IKF) was formed taking the sport to a global level. Where with several western nations like Canada and Germany joining in as members.

India has the best and one of the most successful Kabaddi teams at international level. And winning every Kabaddi World Cup and Asian Games title till 2015.

kabaddi game

                 Kabaddi World Cup

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In 2016, Gujarat is expected to host the World Cup Tournament for Kabaddi.

    Modern format of kabaddi :

The game, mentioned as Hu-Tu-Tu in Western India, Ha-Do-Do in Eastern India and Bangladesh. Chedugudu in Southern India and Kaunbada in Northern India, has changed via the ages.

It is a synthesis of the sport played in diverse forms underneath one among a sort names. It’s also called the sport of the soldiers (Veera Vilayatu) in South India.

The pleasure and thrill supplied by the game has made it very famous and is rightly referred to as the sport of the Masses.

    Popularity of kabaddi :

Now a days Kabaddi is a well known game and may be a popular game inside the planet. Many people from as many as 65 countries of the planet play this recreation in its diverse bureaucracy now.

The recreation in popular and played in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Japan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia.

It is likewise popular in Iran, Korea, Argentina, Canada, U.K, China, Trinidad and Tobago, Australia, Indonesia and many of more countries.

Kabaddi is extremely famous in Bangladesh. Kabaddi, is fantastically also the national sport of Bangladesh.

    Types of kabaddi :

Kabaddi is performed in three styles. they’re –

1) National Style Kabaddi,
2) Beach Kabaddi, and
3) Circle Kabaddi.

The demonstration become made viable by means of the Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal, Amaravati, Maharashtra.

    Three different style of kabaddi :

  1) National Style Kabaddi :

The National Style Kabaddi became introduced as a medal recreation on the Beijing Asiad in 1990. National style kabaddi is within the Amar layout of Kabaddi. there’s not any out or revival rule.

When any player is touched, goes out of bounds or is stuck he’s not dispatched out of the court. But the factor is obtainable to the rival group.

  2) Beach Style Kabaddi :

Beach Kabaddi was included on the Bali Asian Indoor Games in 2008.  And is possibly the closest to the authentic game.

Beach fashion kabaddi is within the Surjaveeni layout, the revival and our rule is live. When any player is touched, goes out of bounds, or caught, he is shipped out of court.

Points are awarded to the rival group similarly to having their out players being revived.

  3) Circle Style Kabaddi :

The Circle Style Kabaddi become demonstration during the 1936 Berlin Olympics. This fashion of Circle Kabaddi is within the Gamine layout.

A player touched, caught or out of bounds, has got to remain out until all his crew members are out.

    Demands of kabaddi game :

Despite the variations in styles, kabaddi involves extraordinary fitness of body and thoughts. And therefore the capacity to concentrate as properly as anticipate the opponent’s moves.

Equipment are not not necessary for this game. But it demands agility, muscular coordination, breath protecting capacity, speed, strength, stamina. And also demands catching, kicking, also as short responses.

And a notable deal of presence of mind together are going to be facing conditions with fantastic pressure.


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