Cricket may be a famous and most popular sports within the world. Originally cricket history isn’t known to anyone. But now cricket make its own place on top of list of popular sports within the earth.

The precise origin of cricket are unknown, but is believed so far back to the 16th century. The name deriving from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘cricc’, meaning a shepherd’s staff.

It’s thought that the primary players were English shepherds, who used their ‘criccs’ as bats. And therefore the wicket of the sheep pens as a target for the bowlers or pitchers.

cricket history

Test cricket match                                       Pic : mountpleasantgranary net

         About Cricket History :

Mainly Cricket evolved in England within the 18th century. Due to the hobby of super landowners who tried their capabilities on a area of play with their tenants and consequently the neighborhood peasantry.

Records show that teams from Kent and London played one another in 1719, which Kent and Sussex met in 1728.

The earliest written laws (Cricket rules) go back to 1744. The Hambledon Club in Hampshire was the focus of cricket from 1768 to about 1788.

In 1787, Thomas Lord, a Yorkshireman, opened a cricket ground in London, and therein year the Marylebone Cricket Club was formed.

Today this Lord’s at St. John’s Wood is that the most famous cricket venue within the world and therefore the M.C.C is that the authoritative source of all cricket legislation.

As early as 1859 an All-England team toured Canada and therefore the us , and in 1861 a team toured Australia.

Australia won the primary recorded international match in Melbourne in 1877, defeating England by 45 runs. In 1882 Australia won again in London after 5 years later.

The Sporting Times during a mock obituary said “In affectionate remembrance of English cricket. The body are going to be cremated, and therefore the Ashes taken to Australia.”

Since then matches between England and Australia, called The Ashes, are the highlight of cricket competition. Other contributors in Test matches encompass South Africa , the West Indies , New Zealand, India, and Pakistan.

The ruling body for the Test matches is that the International Cricket Conference, founded in 1909 because the Imperial Cricket Conference.

The year of the primary official championships between the counties in England is recognized in 1890. In 1904 the M.C.C formed the Advisory County Cricket Committee, which has addressed every aspect of this major English contest since.

            Cricket history world cup :

cricket history

Cricket world cup

The primary Cricket World Cup was played during 1975 in England. the primary three matches were also recognized as Prudential Cup with the sponsorship of prudential plc, it’s a pecuniary services company.

The cricket matches consisted of 60 overs per players and it had been played with established white uniform and with red balls. there have been matches held only during day and therefore the event is held ever four years.

Till the 1992 Cricket World Cup , only 8 teams participated within the Cricket tournament. Later on, the numbers of teams were certainly increased and in Cricket World Cup 2007, 16 teams took part within the WC.

By the year 1996, the amount of teams even increased more up to 12 with the participation of three fresh groups UAE, Netherlands and Kenya.

Bangladesh and Scotland have been replaced with the aid of UAE and Netherlands all through 1999 Cricket World Cup.

            Women’s Cricket :

The Women’s Cricket Association turned into founded in England in 1926. Women compete on an newbie basis. The International Women’s Cricket Council was created on 1958.

            History of Cricket within the USA :

Cricket has been played within the us since the 18th century. the primary formal clubs were formed within the 1820. During the 1850 and 1860, the recognition of cricket rivaled that of baseball.

Later within the 19th century, American teams sometimes competed against British and Canadian teams. a couple of players from this point within the sport’s history are regarded very highly.

Nonetheless, interest within the game waned and, by the first 20th century, organized cricket almost vanished within the us . the sport remains played, although primarily by informal clubs composed of immigrant members.

            History within the England :

Cricket is one among the favored sports in England ranking fourth after football, rugby, and tennis. Cricket has existed and played in England since mid 16th century and has slowly gained prominence across the various classes within the country.

cricket history

English cricket team 1873                                     Pic : en wikipedia org

Cricket is a crucial recreational sport within the country with several clubs playing at different levels. The village cricket may be a key aspect of English culture.

By the 17th century the sport was quite popular as a rough rural pastime. But within the following century the leisure classes took up the game , particularly in Sussex, Kent, and London.

England is that the pioneer of the indoor cricket with the primary organized indoor cricket tournament completed in 1976 during which over 400 clubs took part.

The Britain national cricket team may be a member of the International Cricket Council allowing England to participate within the various international cricket games including the ICC World Cricket Cup and therefore the Twenty-20 International matches.

England has enjoyed contested rivalry and with Australia within the international levels against whom they need competed for The Ashes.  There are 18 county clubs in England and Wales as England’s professional cricket team.

The clubs depend upon subsidies from the Cricket Boards of both England and Wales. The clubs compete in County Championship which may be a two-tier league of nine teams each. The championship is played over four days.

The Britain and Wales Cricket Board is liable for the event and therefore the management of Cricket in Wales and England

           Cricket of Bangladesh :

According to history, the first match was on February in 1941. After the partition of Bengal in 1947, fits of home cricket in Pakistan had been carried out in four leagues.

Regional East Bengali of Pakistan teams regularly took part within the first-class Quaid-e-Azam trophy from 1954 through 1968.

Seven international Test matches with Pakistan participating because the host team were played in Dhaka between 1955 and 1969.

The first test was held between Pakistan and therefore the Republic of India in January 1955. The match started on the primary day of the year.

The newly built Dacca Stadium (now “Dhaka”-Bangabandhu National Stadium) then had the utmost capacity of accommodating 15,000 spectators.

The Bangladesh Cricket control panel is established. After few days, A cricket league will be started in Dhaka and Chittagong.

It’s a slow start, other things having priority within the war-torn country. Early in 1975 the Dhaka (then “Dacca”) stadium was still un-repaired , the square having sunk several inches and therefore the Press Club shell-torn.

Bangladesh becomes an Associate member of the I.C.C. on 26th July, in 1977.

BCCB wants assistance from MCC for cricket coaching. MCC sends an English gentleman named Robert Jones as the first foreign cricket coach to Bangladesh.

          India Cricket :

Cricket is taken into account to be a faith in India. There are not any sure theories about the origin of Cricket in India. But as British ruled on India for over 200 years, the game are often called as their legacy.

India started plying Cricket manner lower back in 1721 unofficially but become granted the official take a look at repute in 1932.

They played their first test match from 25th June to 28th June within the year 1932 against England at Lords’ in London. India was lead by CK Nayudu at that point. And also India was the sixth-est team then to play the test cricket match.

India was considered a weak team within the Cricketing Circuit for while and other people wont to have match for practice. But Indian team changed from 1950 and may be a major force to reckon with today.

As far because the beginning of first-class Cricket in India cares , it had been marked by a match played between Madras and Calcutta within the year 1864.

In the year 1877, the Bombay Presidency Match was played for the primary time. Later, it first become the Bombay Triangular then the Bombay Quadrangular. Within the year 1892-93 it had been awarded with the primary class status.

In the year 1889-90 an English team received India. The captain of this team was George Vernon, which eventually was the primary foreign Cricket team to arrive India. Although the matches that it played up here aren’t considered to be first-class Cricket matches.

          About cricket of Australia :

The origin of Australian cricket are often traced back to 1877 when for the primary time the country played as a team within the match game against colonial masters, England.

The match heralded the increase of a replacement and powerful cricketing nation by the name of Australia. Australia is a team which might continue to become the strongest of all teams within the history of the sport .

Ever since its days of inception, Australian cricket has shown great promise and therefore the turning point within the nation’s history was the match the team played at the Oval in 1882 against England.

cricket history

Australia cricket team 1878                          Pic : commons wikimedia org

This was the sport during which Fred Spofforth played a path-breaking game and led Australia to determine themselves as equal rivals of England.

The match gave birth to the famous and popular championship of Australian cricket, which called the Ashes. The Ashes was the primary competition which took Australian cricket to a world level.

This championship was also the primary championship to be organized within the history of cricket and till today remains because the toughest of all competitions in international cricket.

Australian cricket is run by the Australian cricket board which in recent years has assumed the name of cricket Australia. The Australia cricket board began because the Australasian cricket council within the March of 1892.

The body consisted of representatives from all the states of Australia. Finally in 1973, the board changed its name to the Australian Cricket board and once more an identity reversal happened in 2003. When Cricket Australia was adopted because the official name of the Australian cricket board.

All championships that are played within the country at the domestic or the international level are administered by Cricket Australia.

          Conclusion about cricket history :

Cricket may be a global passion, played everywhere. The sport is ever popular, with many fans getting to watch their local and national teams. The craze is usually growing.

With variety of massive tournaments just like the Ashes, IPL League and therefore the granddaddy of all of them , the ICC World Cup Cricket 2019.

The sport of cricket is very popular, and therefore the number of cricket betting fans who place bets on their national and native teams is additionally growing.

Cricket may be a good way for youngsters to find out to figure together during a team environment whilst developing important physical and mental skills.


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