Boat race is a one kind of sports . Boat racing is the most enjoyable thing in your life. There is nothing more fun than riding a boat in the open sea.

The racing has a beautiful history and by rules the race is controlled. There are different types of boat race sports around the world.

boat racing

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 What is boat racing :

The boat race  is an annual racing competition between the Men’s and Women’s Open-Wet between the Cambridge University Boat Club and Oxford University Boat Club in Thames River, England.

It is also known as University Boat Race and Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race.

   Boat race history :

The friendship was caused by two friends from Harrow School, who were Charles Wordsworth (nephew of the poet William Wordsworth) of Christ Church College in Ashford and Charles Maryvale of St John’s in Cambridge.

Wordsworth, the master of the Trinity, turned to Cam, and two of the school’s followers decided to set up a challenge.

At a CUBC meeting on February 18, 1829, Mr John Stanifort of St John Christ Church urged him to write, ‘Cambridge University urges Oxford University to compete every eight matches to limit one match in or near London. Boat boat on upcoming Easter holidays.

The first boat bay was held on June 10, 1829 in Henley, Thames, Oxford won the race easily and their winning boat is still visible at Henley’s River and Rowing Museum.

The next 25 years of competition took place only on an irregular basis, having moved to London in 1866 for a second competition.

Founded in 1927 but only occasionally sprung up until the mid-1960s, the first women’s race was held at Oxford Isis.

The first few boats were not decided on the bicycle racing side but were judged according to “time and manner”. The two crew were not allowed to cross the river at the same time.

From that time(1935), the boat bait was a perfect race for over 1000 yards or 1/2 mile on one occasion on the sidewalk on Cam, Isis or Bern.

At first the Rogers of Cambridge always came from Newnham College, at that time being an exclusive woman. They were later joined by students from Girton, with the formal establishment of the CWWBC.

boat racing

Oxford Cambridge Boat Race 1841                 Pic : commons wikimedia org

However, it was Oxford who enjoyed the first success and won six of their 5-1 races.

  Rules of boat race :

The boat is always umpired by an ‘Old Blue’, with the former Oxford umpire boarding with the former Cambridge umpire year after year.

The rules of the race are basically very simple. Crews must be kept at their stations (Middlesex or Surrey) if they do not have “clean water”, they can use the opposite station whenever they want.

Both crews have to pass through the center arches of Hammer smith and Barnes Bridge, is another rule of note.

Both crews try to remove the fastest line in the fastest water, and they often approach each other dangerously.

The umpire tries to confirm the “foul” promise to warn the crew to continue on their own racing line. He has the right to disqualify the crew, although in modern times it has only happened once.

John Garrett was an umpire in the 1990 Ice/Goldie race.

In 2001 boat race, the umpire Rupert Owolzer resumed the race after setting up an umpire panel with four umpires from each university chaired by the senior umpire.

The panel began by assisting and saving umpires for races, sharing experiences, and pool skills.

  Types of Boat Racing :

There are many other types of boat racing sports activities that you can take part in, such as speed boat race. These are somewhat more dangerous than those described above and should only be tried by trained professionals.

If you are thinking of riding a boat, now is not the best time to start. There are several types of boat racing, here are some of the most popular :

1)  Beer Can Regatta :

The Bear Can Regatta is an annual event in Mindill Beach hosted by the Lions Club of Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia.

All the participating boats are made by with beer or soda cans. The highlight of this year’s Regatta, held on Sunday, was full of sparkle. Where a huge motorized boat was made of 30,000 cans.

boat racing

Beer Can Regatta Boat Race                             Pic : commons wikimedia org

A new category was created for the big and larger ‘Super-Boat’. The Flying Pacits was the winner of the original race, The Battle of Mindill.

There were other races and competitions in different divisions. As you can see here, it is customary to minimize the competition of any available.

 2)  Dragon Boat Racing :

Dragon Boat Budapest 2010 is one of the most popular forms of boat racing around the world and probably in Ireland.

It has a team of about 20 people, each 5-18. Consisting of paddlers, a flag catcher, drummer and helmsman.

The race is 600 meters long and to win, the flag catcher must cross a flag restoration and finish line.

boat racing

Dragon Boat Race                                                   Pic : commons wikimedia org

This tradition began in China, where they ran using boats shaped like dragons.

3)  Homemade Ship Race :

The New Paltz Regatta is for every home-made boat. This year’s race was held on April 29 in New Paltz, New York. The annual event began in the year 1955 when it was launched by the Delta Kappa fraternity of Sunny (State University of New York). Now the race is open to anyone, and with a city festival. The only rule of this type boat race is, the boat must be human powered and homemade.

4)  Yacht Racing :

This is a modern method of boat racing. Here, you will see a fast racing yacht. It is a very popular sport and participates around the world every year for hundreds of years. Although this is an expensive game to pursue, yachts can cost quite a bit of money.

 5)  Minimal Regatta :

The 21st Annual Listener Wharf Bar was held at Minimal Regatta Key West on Memorial Day weekend. These boats are made of plywood sheets, a couple of 2x4s, and duct tape. A few other trivial substances are allowed, but the results are always good for a laugh. Prizes were given for competing boats, sinking boats, creative designs, best clothing and other categories.

 6. Haari Boat Race :

This is one of the youngest traditions of boat racing. It started in Hawaii in the early 1990 and was borrowed from a Japanese tradition. This indicates a peaceful relationship between Japan’s Nago City and Hilo in Hawaii.

 7)  Concrete Canoe Championships :

The task of making canoes out of concrete began as a boat design challenge to demonstrate the principles of physics to engineering students. However, this practice turned into an exercise in designing better materials. That is, to improve the concrete. Internal competition began in the 1960s, which expanded into competition between schools in the 1970s.

Nationwide this concrete canoe competition is sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers. The winner of the 2012 championship was California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, for the third year in a row. Photo by Flickr user Student Design and Experimental Learning Center.

 8)  Pumpkin paddling :

Many communities stage autumn events in the game of pumpkin paddling, so you build a boat from a pumpkin pumpkin and compete against other pumpkin boats. One of the biggest competitions is the Damariscota Pumpkinfest and Regatta in Damariscota, Maine. Pumpkin has a competition to grow, sort and carve pumpkins, but regatta is the biggest draw.

 9)  Solar Splash World Championship :

Fifteen school teams participated in the Solar Splash World Championship competition at George With State Park in Waterloo, Iowa. Crossing the finish line first doesn’t guarantee this race win. Technical inspection, design and craftsmanship are just one of many parameters that count towards winning. The team who won the race was came from Istanbul Technical University. Watch a promotional video about the event.

 10)  Milk Carton Boat Race :

In Zelgava, Latvia, the Milk, Bread and Honey Festival is the last tradition of August in the year. The Milk carton boat racing is a one of the big events of festival. Last year, 36 man-made boats were made entirely of milk cartons, and the most original and fun crew competed for prizes. The event aims to promote both dairy adoption and recycling.

 11)  Yorkshire Pudding Boat Race :

Many years ago, Simon Thackeray saw the Yorkshire pudding floating by the river. As a result, at the 1999 event, people made boats outside of the Yorkshire pudding. Now it is sponsored by The Shed, the annual event in the North Yorkshire Braby in England. The boats are made of flour, water and eggs.

 12)  Cardboard Boats Race :

As a practice in engineering design, 1962 was introduced to the creation of a cardboard boat at the University of Southern Illinois.

 13)  International Regatta of Bathtubs :

La Regret des Baignoires (International Regatta of Bathtubs) is held every August in Dinant, Belgium. Boats must have a bathtub and no motor. But beyond that is the word creativity. Awards are given to “Beauty, Fancy and the Presentation of the City” as well as to those who may first cross the finish line.

    Conclusion about Boat Racing :

The main equipment of boat racing is different types and designed boat. There are many other types of boat racing activities are in the world. Some of them are dangerous and risky. But all of them are popular. People like them and love them.


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