Horse racing sport is an equestrian sport. In this game that involves more than one horses ridden by jockeys racing on a course in a bid to finish first.

horse racing sport

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Horse racing is one of the world’s most ancient sports in the history. It was practiced in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Syria, and Babylon. And later this game was spread in one form or another by most civilizations and cultures.

  Horse racing sport history :

The horse racing is one of the oldest sports among the nomadic tribes of Central Asia. Horse racing has long been an organized sport in many countries of history.

Horse racing as a professional sport in the UK can be traced to the 12th Century. The horse racing was became professional sport after the English knights returned from the Crusades with Arab horses.

These horses were bred with local English horses to produce the “Thoroughbred” horse. It is a breed of horse used for horse racing in the UK today.

In 1750 horse racing’s elite met to form the Jockey Club to oversee and control English horse racing. The Jockey Club wrote a set of rules for horse racing. Jockey Club sanctioned racecourses to conduct horse racing meetings under their rules.

The Jockey Club today controls horse racing and point-to-point. However, in 1993, the British Horse Racing Board became the administrative authority for horse racing in Great Britain.

  Types of horse racing sport :

Although there are different ways of running horses and ways that horses can be run. There are generally two types – 1) Flat Racing. and 2) Jump Racing.

     1) Flat Racing :

Flat racing is a type of race where horses race around a straight or oval type horse racing track covered by fences.

horse racing sport                                                                                  Horse Racing (Flat Racing)                                                                                                                                                                                                  Pic : pikrepo com

  2) Jump Racing :

Jump racing is a type of race where horses compete around a track but have to jump over hurdles to win the race.

horse racing sport

Horse Racing (Jump Racing)                              Pic : commons wikimedia org

    Players and Equipment :

There is no doubt that the most important piece of equipment in horse racing is the horse. Thoroughbreds, Arabian horses, and Quarter horses are suitable for horse racing. Different national organizations may have their own rules about how horses can compete.

When race start then all riders wear a helmet and all carry a whip too. In some countries, jockeys are allowed to use the whip whenever and however he chooses. Although countries like the UK limit the number of times use the whip. it can be used to prevent any distress to the horse.

   Rules of Horse Racing :

There is no scoring in horse racing because it is an external and racing competition, where only one can be the winner.

All flat races must start from the start stall or a start gate.

All staple chase, obstacle racing competitions and jump races must start with a starting gate or flag.

Any horse race in an extraordinary or emergency situation, regardless of type, can be started with a flag until the starter makes this decision or the stewards are asked for permission.

If a starter thinks the horse has broken before the race starts, it will be declared a false start.

Riders must then try to get their horses to the best of their ability in order to win the race. Disqualification and further restrictions could occur if, according to Stewers, the rider did not do it.

Riders must jump safely through every obstacle and follow the prescribed course.

To complete the race, a rider must cross the finish line on top of his horse.

Depending on the specific race there will usually be plenty of prize money to be split between the first, second and third finishers.

 How to win a race:

To win a horse race, a jockey must navigate the course with his horse. The horse with the jockey jumps any necessary fence and then reaches the top of the finishing line before any other.

When two or more horses cross the line together, it becomes impossible for the eyes to judge who won the race. To find the winner of the race, a picture of the finish is studied to see who crossed the line first.

Once the committee has made their decision, they declare this horse the winner.

   Last about horse racing sport :

The object of horse racing is find out which horse can win the race. To win the race is involves on a great deal of skill and insight from the jockey, as well as huge physical effort from the horse.

Although a short sprint race can be reasonably straight. Long races like the Grand National, which runs several miles across, require tactical jockey races.

Thoroughbred racing which became popular among us today in Britain among the general elite. Thoroughbred racing is known around the world as the “Sport of Kings”.


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