Racing is one of a popular game in the world. In this racing sports, motorcycle racing games is most popular game. There are many form of motorcycle racing. Here in this article we talk about different forms of motorcycle race.

From the history we saw that the Americans are fell in love with speed from long time ago. When while the Wright Brothers flew overhead and Model T’s rolled off Henry Ford’s assembly line.

motorcycle racing games

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Then the new sports of motorcycle racing began drawing large crowds bent on celebrating a piston-powered future.

Top motorcycle racing games :

OK Friends, let’s take a look at the top forms of motorcycle racing games that are held in different place in the world.

Some are well known, some are not popular, some of are like short of punishment, whereas a few look like a waste of time and money.

But are equally important for one reason because all are motorcycle racing games.

1) Motorcycle Grand Prix (MotoGP) :

motorcycle racing games

Motorcycle Grand Prix ( MotoGP)                                          Pic : pixels com

The MotoGP (Motorcycle Grand Prix) is the highest form of motorcycle racing in the racing world. Motorcycles that are used are prototypes that are not based on production models.

Motorcycles used in this sport are purpose built racing machines. In the MotoGP class, 1000 cc motorcycles are used.

Whereas 600 cc motorcycles and 250 cc four-stroke motorcycles are used for the Moto 2 and Moto 3 classes respectively.

2) Super-Bike Racing :

Super-bike racing uses a highly modified production model motorcycle for racing. Only four-stroke motorcycles are allowed to race, four-cylinder motorcycles have to be 750 cc and 1000 cc.

motorcycle racing games

Super Bike Motorcycle Racing Games                             Pic : pxhere com

Twin-cylinders should be between 800 cc and 1200 cc. This form of racing is very popular among manufacturers as it helps in promoting their products.

3) Super Sport Racing :

Super Sport Racing again uses highly modified production model motorcycles but the engine capacity is between 400 cc and 750 cc, depending on the number of cylinders. The rules are more stringent than super-bike racing.

4) Moto Cross (MX) :

Moto-cross racing is an off-road racing game. It operates outside, on circuits made of mud, sand and gravel. This is a very demanding game that will take place in any weather conditions.

The five largest manufacturers of KTM, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki regularly participating.

5) Supercross (SX) :

Supercross is a similar form of motocross racing, which sits at home. The track is again made of dirt, but has shorter straits, leaps more and is much more technical than motocross.

Both of these sports have used a motorcycle which is very different. This motorcycle has a long travel suspension and is very light.

6) Super-Moto :

Super-Moto is another kind of race that evolved from motocross. Used motorcycles look the same with motocross bikes but with street tires.

The Dart and Tarmac sections are present in the same course. Riders rode their motorcycles while cornering.

7) True Road Racing :

True Road Racing is a race that is closed or barricaded on such public roads as the Isle of Man TT, one of the most famous True Road racing events.

Other races were held in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, New Zealand and Macao.

8) Endurance Racing :

Endurance racing tests the ability and durability of putting humans and machines together instead of just speed. These races can be set to either cover a certain distance in the lane, or to cover a certain distance over a given time.

Endurance races mostly take place on surfaces other than tarmac. A good example of an endurance competition is the Hare Scramble.

9) Cross Country Rally Racing :

This is one of the strongest variants of motorsport itself. Riders have to cover long distances across the country, in some cases with the help of a GPS. This is a set course.

The person who points from point A to point B quickly wins over time. These races last for several days at a time. The Dakar Rally is one of the best examples of this type of motor-sport racing.

10) Motorcycle Hill Climb :

Motorcycle Hill Climb is a sport in which highly modified dirt bikes rise on a really steep hill. The mountain is the fastest driver to win.

The dirt bikes are modified with longer swing weapons, and some are even powered with nitro methane.

 11)  Speedway Racing :

Speedway racing takes place on an oval dirt field. About six riders compete against each other. The track basically has four left handers, while the motorcycle has a gear and no brakes. The power slide is the only way to turn a corner.

12) Motorcycle Gymkhana :

In this form of motorcycle sport, riders compete with each other in a specific course limited by cones and other obstacles.

They must drive the motorcycle properly with the course, which has very strong turns, so the speed involved in this type of racing is very low.

The winner is the fastest rider to clear the course. Any type of motorcycle is allowed as long as it is legal on the road.

They were taken down to lighten it up with some modifications for the most recent improvements in handling and slight performance. In Japan, this type of racing is a very famous.

13) Trials Racing :

Motorcycle trials racing is a popular form of motorcycle sports that have competitors around the world in the UK and Spain.

This is not a speeding race but a competition that challenges riders to overcome obstacles without putting their feet on the ground.

It involves the danger of jumping obstacles. The motorcycles for trials racing are very light, with no seats and short suspension travel.

14) Drag Racing :

This is known as motorcycle drag racing or sprints. Two riders crossed the line, stretching straight for a quarter of a mile.

These motorcycles are greatly modified and some even run over nitro methane and produce 1,500 horsepower.

Motorcycles can cover 60 feet in less than a second, reach speeds of up to 200 mph at 660 feet, and cover the entire stretch in just 5.709 seconds.

15) Freestyle Motocross :

Freestyle Motocross or FMX is a game where riders perform stunts to competitively impress judges. Participants perform extreme acrobatics with their motorcycles in mid-air.

The score is based on the style, technique and originality of the strategy. Rider with the highest score of 100 wins.

Last about motorcycle race sports :

Car race is famous but from the beginning motorcycle racing was popular with all people. But it was certainly a must see for those who were accustomed to thinking of horsepower in terms of real horses. Bikes were designed to run fast, keeping in mind the speed of competition.

The goals are still the same but the sport form has evolved drastically. Motorcycle manufacturers have been making motorcycles specifically for race or rather manufactured purposes.


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