Car racing is an exciting and thrilling sports. Car racing is a popular sports show in the sports world. There are different types of car racing in the world. Like –

1) F1.

2) Rallying.

3) Touring.

4) Stock.

5) Drag.

6) Monster truck.

7) Endurance.

8) Street.

9) Drift, etc.

Auto car racing began in the 1880, with the invention of fuel in gasoline internal-combustion engines. The first organized auto car racing competition, a reliability test from Paris to France in 1894.

types of car racing

Types of car racing                           Pic : commons wikimedia org

Types of car racing :

Car racing also called Automobile race. Professional or amateur auto car race sports practice a variety of roads around the world.

These include Grand Prix Racing, Speedway Racing, Stock-Car Racing, Sports-Car Racing, Drag Racing, Midget Car Racing. And also Karting as well as Hill Climb and Trials.

Local, national and international management companies, the most notable of which are the Federation International DL Automobile (FIA). The FIA, split racing cars into different classes and sub-classes and oversee the competition.

Different type of car race :

One of the most exciting forms of competition created by the human race to date. When it comes to automotive racing, there are several types that attract a unique group of enthusiasts.

There are several branches in auto car racing. Although these can be considered as genres, several factors still determine the categories of racing. Such as vehicle type, track and rule.

Formula Racing :

Formula racing is probably the most famous professional form of car racing in the world. It’s a type of single-seater, open-wheel circuit racing. Where the wheels of the vehicle are located outside the body.

types of car racing

Formula One Racing                                                     Pic : flickr com

Formula racing cars are also custom designed and built. The races are handled on separate circuit tracks built for race racing.

The most prestigious and well-known formula racing event will be Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix.

In North America, the formula’s leading racing event is the Indy-car Series. And its most famous category is the Indianapolis 500.

Rallying :

Rallying is engaged with production-oriented vehicles. The railing is conducted on closed public roads or off-road areas. And also with different road widths, zones and weather conditions.

The courses that are rallying are made of gravel, pulses, snow and ice. Racers usually run in point-to-point format, with regular breaks from starting points.

Ability to secure rally cars for the fastest scheduling of certain courses. And also including different road widths, weather conditions and terrain.

This competition requires concentration, patience and tact. The WRC and IRC hold these events. The top regulatory body for the rally is the World Rally Championship.

Stock car racing :

Popular in most US. Stock car racing uses production cars that produce customized features for racing purposes.

This is usually done on oval tracks, where racers are limited to a lot of coals.

For stock racing, the national body Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is the largest management committee.

Which hosts premier racing events such as the Sprint Cup Series, Daytona 500 and Southern 500.

Touring car racing :

Touring car racing is conducted using the same company’s production-generated race cars, with performance details.

It is only held on special race tracks and is popular in the UK, Europe and Australia.

World Touring Car Racing events around the world include the World Touring Car Championship. And also the British Touring Car Championship and the Supercars Championship.

They take reverse grades and qualifying sessions. This type can be found in WTCC and BTCC.

Drag racing :

Drag racing is one of the most basic forms of sport. Its a straight line competition. A string string driven by roads or tracks with ging called dragging.

The vehicles involved can range from ordinary cars to purpose-built draggers. And their goal is to accelerate as quickly as possible to defeat the opponent.

Generally track racing is conducted at a short distance of 200 meters or 400 meters.

The main board of directors of drag racing is the National Hot Rod Association. And divisions such as Super Stock, Super Street, Top Athlete and Top Dragster.

Monster truck racing :

Monster truck racing is held mostly for entertainment and is usually conducted in the arena with the tracks.

types of car racing

The Monster truck racing                                      Pic : commons wikimedia org

The Monster Jam is the premier monster truck racing event that aired in the United States. It is operated under the United States Hot Rod Association.

One-make racing :

One-make, or single-mark racing involves the same model of a car company. Or even a single model of a manufacturer.

Examples are, The Mini 7 Championship, John Cooper Mini Challenge, Porsche Super Cap, Formula Renault and Formula BMW.

Endurance :

Endurance is renowned for its 24 hour races. Combining technology, equipment tolerance and technique are main for this type of race. Physical and mental toughness are also essential for win.

Examples of endurance racing are Le Mans 24 Hours, Spa 24 Hours at WEC (World Endurance Championships)

Production car race :

This type of racing showroom is also known as stock racing where unforgettable cars compete with each other. This is the most economical type of racing because of the restrictive rules.

Many types of production car racing series run around the world. Such as Audi, Porsche, Japan’s Super Taikyu etc.

Street :

These events take place on the streets of the tight city running on solid cars or secured production vehicles.

Mainstream street racing is more popular when illegal. But it may also be legally approved by local or international authorities.

Off-road race :

Off-road racing is conducted in off-road environments such as sand, mud, rivers, snow or other natural terrain.

The vehicles used in this type of racing come from different classes. Such as production cars, trucks and motorcycles, and are generally entertaining.

The Baja 1000 in Mexico is one of the most notable example of off-road racing.

Drift :

Drift cars around custom made tracks can be done on purpose built circuits or on roads. Often scores for style points and cornering dominance.

Furthermore, it can be performed singly in pairs or in group displays.

Latest about the types of car racing :

For beginner racing, competing race cars, both in Europe and the United States, were generally the main counterbalance to the following year’s models.

After World War (I), racing production became very specialized for use in cars. Though occasionally the bodies of high-performance traveling cars were stripped.  And also special seats, fuel tanks and tires were fitted for racing.

Then in 1939 stock-car racing started with standard models for racing.


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